in-house projects

This year ALIEN studio team building - off-road adventure through incredible Georgia.
That's how we and Oliver got involved in the Zlatý Klinec competition and for this purpose we prepared this video. We are really happy our Christmas campaign was successful and won gold. Thanks to Oliver Agency Central Europe, Triad Advertising, O2 SK and the director Dano Dekan for their confidence :).
If you are curious who is behind the O2 TV commercials and how the sealion Tono was made, let´s see our latest making of.
Check out Making of 3D fx of a fairy tale Zazracny Nos (The Marvelous Nose). We created all 3D fx for this film produced by FILMPARK and directed by Stanislav Parnicky.
We created a unique short cosmic spot to celebrate holiday season and also to wish a Happy new year 2017. Starring : real ALIEN team members Danica and Ivan and 3D Christmas ALIEN Base .
Making of TVC Gemerka.
gemerka_ikona new.jpg
If you wanna see how TV commercial on KOFOLA was made, take a look on our Making of video.
Our new showreel is coming soon! Meanwhile enjoy it's lovely cat teaser.
Happy new year ! We wish you successfull „flight“ through the whole 2015!
ALIEN studio has a new team member, who is an expert in character animation. We proudly welcome Roman Straponček on our board and would like to introduce him via his test animation with our old-new fellow Randy –the Rat.
Interested in how this TV tagon was made? Have a look on our last „beer-project“ with MUW Saatchi & Saatchi by making of video.
Náš boss tento týždeň oslavoval narodeniny! Toto je jeden z darčekov, ktorý ho potešil : -)))
Happy Birthday Martin
Making of... In-house project, ALIEN studio
Film is finished. See our last Trailer.
full CGI animation. 3D Woman in burqa, in-house project, ALIEN studio, music: Groove studio