in-house projects

Making of TV commercial Fernet Stock Citrus. Production, 3D modeling and animation, postproduction : ALIEN studio Making of music by: Groove studio. TV commercial music by: Creative music house. Agency: Istropolitana Ogilvy
In-house project of nature scenes, completely made in 3D. 3D modelling, 3D animation and postproduction : ALIEN studio, in -house project
Happy New Year !!! Hope in 2013 - you will have loads of good reasons to sing : -) ...get inspired in our PF animation !
2. new trailer for our short animated action movie, The Last Hero. In house project, ALIEN studio
We tested merge of real actors and 3D environment in a war scene, from which was made the short "making of movie". It shows whole production process of one shot, beginning with actor´s shooting on green screen in Czech republic, through their merging into 3D scene, including simulation of particle explosion, smoke and fire with final postproduction and grading. In-house project, ALIEN studio.
New trailer for our short animated action movie, which is now in progress of production. In-house project, ALIEN studio.
Nissan GTR animation. In-house project, ALIEN studio.
nissan new.jpg
3D car animation Mercedes McLaren SLR. In-house project, ALIEN studio.
mercedes n.jpg
Alfa Romeo Brera -3Danimation. In-house project, ALIEN studio.
PF 2012
PF 2011
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